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We set our footprint. SRC is a Multidisciplinary Architecture,
Interior design and landscaping firm.


Diwakar, Hema, Karthik are the Principal Architects at SRC.
The firm works at multiscale Projects and with various clienteles from individuals to corporates.

Outgrown from small knit to a bigger organisation currently.
As years passed by we have integrated systems and also have a good team with all required experience and expertise.
We are committed to our objectives in delivering our services with professionalism, 1-2-1 personal care and being fair to do what we do and delivering the projects on time.

Our architects, interior designers & engineers strive for a balance between design and technology, form and function, aesthetics and poetry, goals and needs. 


Patented  Design. Optimum use of space, Use of different materials for creating ambient spaces and to transform spaces. Honesty to design, client satisfaction are driving forces work is worship


Diversify in Project types build new ideologies, new concepts types, Sustainable design and experiment with technology. Bring out the change in Architectural Revolution implementation of New trends like Parametric, Fluidic, Green etc.






Commercial Properties


Community projects

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